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Feature. PET preform Injection Molding Machine. Standard Features. With deep experience and in accordance with PET preform characteristics, we have improve a lot to be fit for PET preform production. 1.Professional PET screw and barrel with L/D 1:23 have higher mixing and plasticizing abilities.

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Creator Precision Co., Ltd. - PET Preform Plastic Injection Molding Machine. Creator Precision Co., Ltd.,established in 1986, has 24 years experience of quality production in electric discharge Machine s ,CNC wire EDMs and Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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10 to 99t Injection moulding machines; 100 to 249t Injection moulding machines; 1000t or more Injection moulding machines; 250 to 499t Injection moulding machines; 500 to 749t Injection moulding machines; 750 to 999t Injection moulding machines; Automation and Transport; Moulds; PET Injection Blow Moulding; PET

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The production of KINGS preforms using our specialized injection machine, planning from the drying of raw material, using the two-stage (2 stage) injection, design agencies such as vertical-clamping, temperature-controlled department of mining TSR Contactless controlled temperature more accurate match accumulator to increase the injection speed, special power-saving design 1 time saving power

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largest pet preform hybrid plastic moulding machine in Pakistan.Lisong machinery is an injection molding machine manufacturer,we provide the high-speed injection molding machine with deep price,get quote:

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XTREME TECH PLASTIC. We are the trading company based in pakistan since 1990 having branch offices singapore, malayasia, bangladesh and united kingdom. Now we starting manufacturing pet preform of 22 gram on ward. hope can do business worldwide satisfy our customers with products . Address:33 / 251 Anwar Chowk.

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Our Company. Plastix is a Professional Manufacturer of Blow Molding in three different category Pet Blow, Extrusion Blow, and Injection Molding in Pakistan. We offer a wide range of Blow Molded Products, Injection

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Maximum cavity numbers. Cavity. For machine types. 192. Netstal PET-LINE 6000. 144. Netstal PET-LINE 5000, lisong HyPET 500, G-Line 600. 128. Netstal PET

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2019-6-11 · 2019-6-11 · The preforms are firstly formed by the injection molding machine, and the preforms are cooled to a solidification temperature and are taken out and cooled to room temperature. When the bottle is to be blown, it is sent to the hollow molding machine to heat the preform to the blowing temperature, and then blown and cooled. The origin of PET preforms